How We Got Started

Prestige Rep was born in 2016 out of necessity by a marketing agency called Scott Marketing Services, LLC.

Started by owner Jonathan Scott, Prestige Rep, formally called Prestige Reputation Manager, started out as a simple yet powerful review and reputation management software. This software allowed local businesses to collect online reviews with ease without having to chase and nag their customers to leave a review.

Prestige Rep was only sold and used by our private clients. Starting out as a marketing services provider allowed us to work with businesses everyday and understand their wants and needs. 

We saw over and over again how businesses, including ours, were using so many different software programs just to get everyday tasks completed.

Running a business was just becoming too chaotic. We wanted a solution for ourselves and our clients that made life easier and streamlined our daily processes.

That is when we partnered with a VC backed software development company and expanded our development of Prestige Rep into the power house solution it is today to help businesses run their entire business from one piece of software.

Prestige Rep has been so well received that we changed our company name from Scott Marketing Services to dba Prestige Rep and are going all in to help businesses put so many pieces of their everyday tasks on autopilot so they can get more freedom in their lives to do what they enjoy the most.

Join us in our quest to transform thousands of businesses into automated revenue generating machines.

Jonathan Scott - Founder