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Make sure these 6 pieces are in place

What is a Local Growth Flywheel?

The local growth flywheel is an upgrade from the traditional sales process. It's a dynamic way to look at and improve the customer journey, focusing on a customer-first approach that moves away from a step-by-step funnel to a circular, momentum-fueled process.

This process has three key stages – attract, engage, and delight – that work together to form a self-boosting cycle where happy customers drive business growth.

At the start of the flywheel is the task of attracting customers.

This stage involves strategies like running paid ads on platforms such as Google & Facebook, creating content, like articles and blogs that audiences need and enjoy, leveraging social media to make the brand more visible, and using targeted SEO to be more prominent online.

By delivering valuable content, businesses attract potential buyers to their products or services.

After drawing in prospects, businesses keep the flywheel spinning by engaging them.

This is done through various interactive tactics that build customer relationships. Email marketing, personalized experiences, and exceptional customer service are crucial here. The aim is to build trust and create a stronger connection with customers.

Then, the delight phase turbocharges the flywheel. When customers are truly happy, they become brand advocates, not just repeat buyers.

Their recommendations and positive reviews and feedback draw in more interested people. This creates a virtuous cycle of great customer experiences and new lead generation, accelerating the flywheel's rotation.

To keep the flywheel spinning faster and more efficiently, businesses must continuously improve every part of the cycle. They use advanced data analytics to understand customer behavior and refine marketing strategies for ongoing growth.

In short, the growth flywheel is a more modern, cohesive, and customer-centric approach. It recognizes the power of customer happiness and advocacy in driving constant business growth and success.

By seeing each customer interaction as a chance to add more energy to the flywheel, businesses adopt a model geared toward lasting growth and stability.

What Are The Foundations Of The Growth Flywheel For Local Businesses?

I’m going to approach this guide with the thought you already have a business incorporated and you are getting referrals from family and friends. So you have a little bit of experience working with customers and providing your service to them.

This free guide will help you take it up a notch and scale as large as you want to go.

Foundations Summary

Here’s a summary of the 6 parts that make up the essential foundations needed to grow a local business. Each one of these components play a big part inside of the Growth Flywheel. So it’s essential that your business has them to get started on the proper growth path. By the time you finish this guide you will understand how all of these pieces work together and why they are essential.

  • Textable Business Phone Number

  • Logo

  • Website

  • Google Business Profile (secret weapon #1)

  • Social Media Accounts (secret weapon #2)

  • Automated Review Generation & Distribution (secret weapon #3)

How you use these 6 components together is what creates the ultimate growth flywheel. To see and understand what I mean watch the video above to get a deeper understanding on how the growth flywheel can give your business the competitive advantage you've been looking for.