Everything You Need To Run A Service-Based Business Online Or Offline

prestige rep crm pipeline management


The heart of your business. Our CRM is where all of your customer's information is kept. A central location for emails, phone numbers, all communications with customers including social media messages and Google Business Profile messages. Our CRM is robust and always evolving.

Stay Organized with our Pipeline Management Feature called Opportunities. You will know exactly what stage your leads and customer are in and who needs followed-up with.

Being organized is a critical part of growing your business.

What You Don't Have To Buy:

Hubspot, Active Campaign, Salesforce, Contactually, and others

calendar booking demo


Create both individual and team calendars for discovery calls, client calls, meetings and more. Set times of availability, attach forms and payments to calendar appointments, and create a fully customized reminder workflow for your appointments.

What You Don't Have To Buy:

Calendy, Acuity Scheduling, Schedule Once, and others

prestige rep funnel website builder


Build your website and funnels all in one place. With unlimited domains, you can create as many funnels as you want and attach them all to one central website. Use our drag and drop editor with global colors and sections, and with our vast template and ever-growing template library, you won’t ever have to hire a designer again!

What You Don't Have To Buy:

Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, Go Daddy Websites, Clickfunnels, Kartra, Duda, and others



With the expansion and major growth of social media your customers are spread all over the place. To reach them effectively, you will need many channels for you to reach them and they expect to reach you on the channels they prefer.

Prestige Rep matches these demands by letting you connect with your customers through multiple channels in one central location.

All of your texts, emails, phone calls, phone call recordings, voicemails, Facebook & Instagram direct messages, Google Business Profile messages and more are all in one central inbox inside of Prestige Rep called CONVERSATIONS.

The best part... CONVERSATIONS is also a part of our mobile app. So you don't have be near a computer to respond to customer messages while on the go.

Communicate, and track all communications with your customers where ever they may be in one central app.

In the event, you miss a phone call Prestige Rep will automatically text the caller and start a texting conversation before the caller has a chance to call your competitor. This is our Missed Call Textback feature.

What You Don't Have To Buy:

Callrail, Call Tracking Metrics, Podium

reputation management services

Payments & Invoicing

Getting paid for your products or services is the most important part of any business. That's why we have invoicing and payment solutions built directly into Prestige Rep.

You can even send a "text 2 pay" link to your customers from our mobile app to receive payments even faster.

From one off invoices to recurring subscriptions, Prestige Rep is the only solutions you need to get paid with ease.

Coming Soon... accept mobile payments using NFC technology. Meaning you only need your mobile phone to accept payment without any card readers or any 3rd party equipment.

reputation management services

Reputation Management

The easiest way to get more customers is to have other people sing your praises. The best way to do that is to get online reviews for your business on 3rd party sources like Google & Facebook.

  • Prestige Rep will help you automate the process of getting more reviews.

  • Prestige Rep will also automatically stream those new reviews to your website and social media pages (Facebook & Twitter)

  • Prestige Rep will actively monitor your reputation. Our system will scan the internet each night and notify you of any new reviews online

What You Don't Have To Buy:

Birdeye, Podium

reputation management services

Email Marketing

Schedule, Automate, & Send Your Email Campaigns To Your Database

Our end to end email solution allows you to create beautiful email newsletters, campaigns, and auto-responder sequences all in one place.

What You Don't Have To Buy:

Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Activecampaign

client portal community groups affiliatportal

Client Portal

The Client Portal is a comprehensive hub where leads and clients can interact with your business through various services. We already offer membership site features. We are moving all of that inside of the new client portal.

Access to the following in one location:

  • Membership courses

  • Community groups

  • Affiliate commissions

  • Billing History & Management (Coming Soon)

  • Document Section (Coming Soon)

  • Slack style channels

  • and more coming soon

What You Don't Have To Buy:

Skool, Circle.so, & no more Facebook groups. You will control your ecosystem.

Businesses Like Yours See Results Fast

Everything Your Business Needs In One Place

Our Secret Sauce

The one ingredient that ties all of our features together and allows your business to appear to be running all by itself.


with a side of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

The ability for our features to talk to each other is the difference between a disorganized business losing leads, and a well run system that helps you grow and scale.

a.i. automations


Our workflow builder gives you virtually unlimited potential for advanced automation between your website, pipeline management, google sheets, webhooks, text messages, emails, forms, appointment reminders, automated follow-up sequences and more.

In addition we integrate with Zapier, so sending and receiving information through hundreds of other applications is a breeze.

Don't tell Zapier, but we are working on our own in-house premium triggers. This will improve connecting to third party software even more and be more cost effective for you.

We currently have premium triggers for webhooks, Google Sheets, Slack Integration and more making Prestige Rep the most robust and flexible automation builder on the market today.

What you don't have to buy

An expensive developer or Tech VA to make all of your duct-taped software's to work together.

But Wait There's More...

social media planner, scheduler, poster

Social Media Scheduler

Schedule & Post to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, & Google



Create a blog that positions you as the industry expert

web chat widget

Webchat Widget

Make your business textable directly from your website

courses and memberships

Courses & Memberships

Turn your knowledge, passion, or experience into revenue

make phone calls and send texts

Calls & Texts

Make & receive phone calls and texts from inside our platform

affiliate Referral program manaer

Affiliate Program Manager

Build your army of affiliates and manage them in one place

ring less voicemail drops

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Leave a voicemail without their phone ringing.

pipeline management

Pipeline Management

Know what stage all prospects are in. Stay organized to close more.

forms and surveys builder

Form & Survey Builder

collect important contact information from your customers

analytics reporting

Analytics Reporting

get a highlevel view to know how your sales & marketing is doing.

cloud video hosting

Cloud Video Hosting

Skip Wistia, Vimeo or Youtube. Host your videos in one place

call recording

Call Recording

Record phone calls for training or remember a conversation

wordpres website hosting

Wordpress Hosting

host & manage your wordpress website directly inside our software

missed call textback

Missed Call Textback

Stop losing leads to competitors because you can't answer a call

mobile app iOS android

Mobile App

Manage your business on the go. Call, text, email, accept payments

zapier integration

Zapier Integration

Connect our system to your existing business software

Hit The Ground Running

Pre-built plug & play templates & automation for all types of businesses and offers

try out our plug & play templates and see how fast you're able to launch.

  • Pre-Built Website & Funnel Templates

  • Pre-Built Form Templates

  • Pre-Built Social Media Templates

  • Pre-Built Email Marketing Templates

  • Pre-Built Automations To Follow-up With Prospects On Auto Pilot

Still Have Questions?

Frequently asked questions

Why is Prestige Rep different than other sales & marketing tools?

Great question! At Prestige Rep we believe there's 3 things you need to be successful: The tools, proven strategies, and support. Our founder Jonathan has been helping small businesses grow since 2015. So he has quite-a-few strategies up his sleeve to help you succeed.

Our software tool just happens to be the best because it's all in one meaning all components talk to each other much better. Communication is key in a business and knowing your numbers is critical. Prestige Rep helps you see exactly what's going on with your business so you can make great decisions to grow and become more profitable.

We've partnered with an incredible development company who releases features at lightning speed and listens to all customer feedback to improve the product.

Combine that with proven strategies, support, and community (coming soon) then the recipe is complete.

No other platform offers the overall value that Prestige Rep does. This is why our pricing is transparent and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee

What payment gateways do you support?

Stripe & PayPal can both be connected inside your Prestige Rep account. We also now support NMI and Authorize.net. Apple Pay and Google Pay as well!

What if I get stuck or need help with something?

We totally understand that tech can be an issue sometimes, so we wouldn't expect you to manage everything yourself.

We offer many ways to get assistance.

- Full knowledge base on every feature of Prestige Rep

- Interactive Guides to walk you through each feature step by step

- Video Training to not only tell you what a feature is, but how it fits into your business

If you still need assistance we provide:

- 24/7 Email Support

- 24/7 Live Chat Support

- 24/7 Live Zoom Video Support (we will literally jump on a zoom call with you and help you with any tech questions or issues)

I have a website already. Can I still use Prestige Rep?

Absolutely. Listen, if you have a beautiful website, don’t be silly and make more work for yourself. Leave it where it is. You’re still saving a ton of money by using Prestige Rep for all the other cool things it does, and you can hook up your forms, webchat, calendars, and funnels right into your site no problem. Even just replacing one or two softwares makes sense financially.

How much is email & texting?

Prestige Rep comes ready to email & text from day one. No need to integrate a 3rd party solutions. Unless you want to. We offer a pay-as-you-go system. No need for any other package deals. Pay only for what you use.

If you decide to use our email service (LC Email) and/or our phone service (LC Phone) with your Prestige Rep account, it costs $0.00675 per email and each text segment costs $0.0237 (for US/CA users).

Dedicated phone number $1.15/month

Dedicated Toll-Free Number $2.00/month

Phone Calls

$0.042/min to make calls

$0.0255/min to receive calls

If you would like to use a 3rd party solution for phone calls, text & email we integrate with Twilio & Mailgun