Delight Your Customers Into Being Promoters For You Automatically

Build better customer relationships, automate your sales process, & grow your business at lightning speed.

Generating Sales Just Go A Whole Lot Easier With Prestige Rep

This is the "Delight" Step in the Growth Flywheel.

How it Works

-Step 1

Improve Service Efficiency

Delight your customers with your new tools that help you communicate better and faster. Improve service deliverablity so much your customers have no choice but to tell everyone they know about you.

-Step 2

Get Paid Faster

With our checkout pages, invoicing options, & text 2 pay links you can get paid faster than ever before. As well as provide your customer with the payment options they are used to using.

-Step 3

Turn Your Customers Into Promoters

Our system automatically Asks & Reminds your customers to leave you a review online. Streams those new reviews on your website and social media profiles. All Automatically.

- Sales Pipeline

Close More Deals with Less Work

  • Create a sales pipeline optimized to drive more sales to your business

  • Automated tasks and follow-up help you bring more deals to close

  • Get real-time updates on your leads so you can stay on top of everything

  • Keep you organized and streamlined, so you never lose a potential customer again

- CRM & Contact Management

Turn Your Contacts Into Opportunities

  • Automatically creates a contact anytime a lead calls you, texts you, emails you, or messages you on social media.

  • Automated tasks and follow-up help you bring more deals to close

  • Each new contact is another sales opportunity - automatically build your list with Prestige Rep

  • SMS Marketing is the most effective way to reach your customers and reactivate past customers

  • Keep your customer’s notes, tasks, upcoming appointments, calls, contracts, emails, and everything you have on a contact in one place

  • Stay organized and in control of your customer relationships

- Invoicing

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Pay You

  • Generate & send an invoice in as little as 30 seconds (seriously, we timed it)

  • Set up recurring invoices & allow your customers to auto-pay

  • Automatically send payment reminders & overdue notifications

  • Save money by getting rid of your invoicing software subscription

- Text 2 Pay

Get Paid Faster

  • Send secure payment links right to your customer's phone via text

  • The customer simply enters their information, pays, and voila… you receive the money INSTANTLY

  • You can even generate a payment link on the go with our mobile app & paid in minutes

- Review & Reputation Management

Boost Your Brand’s Reputation

  • The more positive reviews you have the more people will trust you & want to do business with you

  • Automatically send review requests over text to make leaving a review effortless for your customers

  • Rank higher on Google with more 5-star reviews

  • Create a strong online reputation that will automatically bring new customers to you

- Friends & Family Referral Management

Turn Your Customers Into MORE Customers

  • Make it easy for customers to refer their family and friends

  • 92% of customers are more likely to buy when referred by a friend

  • Referral marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate new customers

  • Turn your happy customers into new customers

- Reporting & Analytics

Know Exactly What Is Working & What Is Not

  • Gain key insights to make better business decisions

  • Discover exactly what is working well & what needs improvement

  • Uncover untapped opportunities

Awesome Words

from customers

Kerri Beany Foulks

Beanys Auto Service Center

"Our business (Beany’s Auto Service Center) has relied on word of mouth for years. With the Prestige service, we’re able to use the word of mouth experience as it is in the 21st century — social media!! We’ve had people come to us SOLELY on the online reviews they’ve seen on different sites. We had a handful of reviews before, but now we’re getting at least one (fantastic one) a week!. I couldn’t be more happy with the Prestige product."

Tommy Hay

Clean Air Radon

"Prestige Rep allowed our company to easily and quickly distribute a request to our clients to review us, without annoying the client. I am able to send 50+ clients a request for 10-15 heavily used review sites such as; Google, Facebook, Angie's List, etc in 5 minutes or less! In the year we have been utilizing Prestige Rep we have increased our reviews, and in return our sales, significantly! Johnathan, is also very quick to respond and always very courteous. Clean Air will definitely be continuing to use Prestige Rep on a regular basis!"

Nancy Henson

Mobile Fingerprinting Solutions

"Getting business reviews is no longer an issue. With Jonathan assistance and Prestige our customers can now review our service with easy. The process has increased our on-line reviews from 1 a month to almost daily. Thank you Prestige Rep for your great service. We will definitely continue because this is marketing that works!"

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